Flash Drive costs only £20

You will have now doubt taken lots of photos during your visit to Glasgow, but you will not have seen all of Glasgow.  With the Photos of Glasgow flash drive you can look at 1,000 photos of all that Glasgow has to offer, as well as the top landmarks.  There is also a concise 78 page history of Glasgow included on the flash drive.  Every entry has a corresponding high resolution colour photo.  It is taken from from the popular book Glasgow City Beautiful which was published in 2006. 

How the flash drive works -

The text and the photos are the exact same used in the ebook Glasgow City Beautiful. 

You can find the photo you like, for example Glasgow Cathedral (the first photo).  The code for this photos is GC EXT 001. 

You then search the word document for "GC EXT 001" and you will find information about Glasgow Cathedral.   


The photos are high resolution, around 3MB in size, have dimensions of 3000 x 2008 and 300 dpi, both horizontal and vertical. 


Buy it now direct from Amazon;

The flash drive costs only £20 and can be bought here.  This includes free postage and packaging. 

Photos of Glasgow

I am sure you will enjoy your visit to Glasgow and I hope you too will say "I Love Glasgow!"


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